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Model Set BMW M1 Procar - 1/24
Model Set BMW M1 Procar - 1/24



Kit para montar - Model Set BMW M1 Procar - 1/24
Vem com cola, tinta e pincel

Escala: 1/24
Compprimento: 191 mm
Número de peças: 91

Requer cola e tinta

Opções de decalques:
- Decal set for the cars from Niki Lauda, 1979 in Zolder, and from Nelson Piquet, season 1979

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Marca Revell Germ

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Sobre o original:
The racing version of the BMW M1 was launched in 1978. The road version that had been exhibited at the Paris Motor Show had been altered to comply with Group 4 rules. The engine had also been upgraded: it now had 24 valves giving it 460 bhp. The top speed of the M1 Pro-Car was about 310 kph.
The car came to the forefront of the European Formula 1 Grand Prix races from 1979 onwards. In these Pro-Car races, 20 absolutely identical M1 cars raced against each other, 15 of which were driven by private drivers, the other 5 by F1 pilots. All the M1s had the same spoiler and aileron to improve road-holding. Thus driving skills, not technology, decided the winning or losing positions.

Faixa etária: 14 anos e acima

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Produto: Model Set BMW M1 Procar - 1/24